There are hundreds of advanced ways to turn your wife on sexually. In fact, you can keep your wife in a state of arousal for making sex vivid and meaningful.

A wife craves excitement, newness and class in a relationship. She desires her husband to unlock her secret wild side and treat her like a naughty little sex kitten.

Here I am revealing 4 advance ways to turn your wife on emotionally and sexually. These advance ways will not only make you her hero but also transform her into a naughty little sex kitten.

1. Build Some Interesting Skills.

Have you ever wondered that why women extremely love actors, singers and sportsmen? Well, it is because they have some interesting physical activities and skills. Women love those men who hold interesting skills under their collars. Especially, physical activities and physical skills intensely attract women and turn on their sexual emotions.

Building interesting skill is like starting foreplay outside the bedroom. It is a great secret way to turn your wife on. There are plenty of skills which you can dominate rather easily. For example, The benefits of dancing, rock climbing, boxing, swimming, palm reading and magic etc. are deeper than appear to you when it comes to sexually attract your wife.

In other words, interesting skills makes you little more exciting than the average guy. Physical activities and interesting skills make your wife give all of her time and attention to you.

2. Flatter Her.

Flattering turns your wife on sexually. It is like seducing your wife without touching her. In addition, flattering cheer your wife up emotionally and triggers your wife’s primal inner passion.

You do not need to flatter your wife always with flowers, gifts and compliments. There are plenty of advance ways which can intensify her sexual feelings. For example, save an animal, free birds from cages, fix her car, remove an unwanted guest or kiss her passionately in your lap.

Your little bit of effort not only transforms you into the most winsome man but also magnifies the sexual feelings of a woman for you.

3. Create A Sexy Mood.

The best way to create a sexy mood is to relax your wife’s anxiety. Most of the men mistakenly assume that foreplay creates the sexy mood. This is the huge mistake which you definitely have to avoid in your relationship.

“You create the sexy mood of your wife when you relax her anxiety and make her feel that she is extremely sexually attractive.”

It is all about making your wife feel sexually attractive. After making her feel sexually attractive, it will become easy for you to stimulate your wife’s entire body and enjoy an incredible sex session.

Now, how to relax your wife’s anxiety and create a sexy mood?


Hug your wife from back and massage her belly with your both hands while kissing back of her neck. This move is very soothing and it relaxes the anxiety of a woman. The combination of belly massage and neck kissing increases sexual intimacy and creates a sexy mood instantly.

Belly massage arouses the horny feelings of a woman. It is highly sensual. Even if your wife feels dull or down, belly massage brings her in the mood of intensely erotic sex. It is one of the greatest ways to turn your wife on straight away.

4. Do X-Rated Foreplay.

Women fantasize a lot more than men. They are much hornier than men. They desire long-term meaningful relationship with lots of passionate sex. Apparently, 85 percent of women have reported that sex has become a boring ritual for them in long-term relationship.

A woman is extremely attracted to a man who do x-rated foreplay and ravish her badly during wild lovemaking sessions. If you want to turn your wife on then you have to do x-rated foreplay always and treat her like a naughty sex kitten.

Here are two x-rated foreplay techniques.

“Add fun during foreplay sessions.” For example, feed your wife chocolate and then taste the chocolate from her lips. You can also tickle her while teaching her in fun that how to give a tickling kiss. Women highly love fun during foreplay sessions.

“Suck her nipples softly while massaging her belly.” The combination of two sexual moves always drives a woman crazy with pleasure.