Have you ever wanted to design and build your own cat tree? If you have, it’s not as hard as you might think, and it’s a great way to save money while spoiling your favorite feline. With many pre-built cat trees costing between $100 and $300, learning how to make your own is a smart choice.

So Why Make A Cat Tree In The First Place?

As a cat owner and lover, you already know cats love to play and they love to sleep. They also love to scratch which is bad news for your furniture. Couch and sofa legs are particularly susceptible to the wrath of kitty claws.

When you build your own cat tree, you can provide a safe place for your kitten to sleep, play, and scratch. Go crazy with your design and you can create an entire kitty jungle gym complete with ramps, scratching posts, peep holes, platforms, string games, dens, and high wire acts.

Just imagine your cute kitten peering out peep holes or reaching her little paws through holes and around poles trying to reach her favorite mouse toy. Imagine your cat on the top perch lying in wait to terrorize the family dog from above as it walks by.

Then, imagine her curling up to sleep by rolling over on her back, head tilted up, and legs dangling in the air. Sure, it doesn’t look comfortable to you, but who’s going to argue with that adorable face?

Cats are as unique as the people who own them? Each and every one has a different personality.

Some are super affectionate “people cats” who love to cuddle and have never known a stranger. Others prefer to be left alone for the most part. Then there are the acrobats and the terrorizers.

When you make a cat tree yourself, you have the opportunity to create something special and fun that perfectly suits your own kitty’s unique personality. Mix and match parts and your cat will never get bored.

By building your own feline theme park, you can save space by utilizing corners in your house or building up instead of out. Cats love viewing the world from above.

If you have kids, building your own cat tree has the added advantage of creating a special way to spend quality time together. Kids love designing and building things for pets. They’ll learn responsibility and get the satisfaction of having the happiest, healthiest cat on the block.

To get started, all you need is a good set of plans to show you exactly what you need to do. From there, let your imagination run wild.