Have you had to go through the horrifying experience of witnessing your lovable kitty flip out and mercilessly attack another cat in the home or even you? If so you’re not alone, cat aggression issues are some of the most common problems among cat owners. Fortunately, correcting this bad behavior isn’t hard at all, it just requires a bit of investigative work on your part. The key to putting and end to your special friend and companion’s violent out bursts is to figure out the underlying cause of your cat’s aggression issues.

My Cat Used To Be Peaceful And Calm. Now He’s Going Berserk For No Apparent Reason!

This could be due to several reasons. For one, it maybe a case of redirected aggression, which is to say, your kitty is upset over something not related to your or other cats living in the home but is simply taking out his frustrations on you. On the other hand it could be that a feud has developed between your cat and another cat in the house or maybe even another cat in the neighborhood. In any event, you need to closely monitor your cat’s life and find out what has changed to upset him this severely. In a worst case scenario these cat aggression issues could even be a medical problem.

I’ve Adopted A New Cat And The Cat I Already Own Is Beating The Tar Out Of Him!(Or Vice Versa)

Felines generally aren’t pack animals however, they do have a social structure which can be a breeding ground for certain cat aggression issues. Bringing a new cat into the home can disrupt this structure if you already own cats. A dominant cat will attempt to assert his authority and claim his spot as “top cat” even through violence if need be. In most cases its normal for the cats who already live in the home to do a little “posturing” or swatting to let the new cat know who’s boss unless they are extremely passive. However, if one of the kitties you already own has an excessively dominant personality and the new cat does also this can make for some pretty violent brawls over social status. If one of your cats is sufficiently upset by this situation it may even take its angst out on you as well. Cat aggression issues of this nature must be dealt with without showing favoritism.

Is There A Way To Stop Cat Aggression Problems?

Yes, very rarely is there a situation where a cat’s aggressive behavior can’t be fixed. The key is understanding and pinpointing the source of your cat’s problem. Once that is discovered eliminating this bad behavior is quite simple. However, cats can be extremely hard to understand sometimes due to their subtle nature. Also some cats don’t communicate as well as others.