If you are a cat owner, then it is your foremost duty to get your cat vaccinated against diseases. For this, you must get in touch with your Veterinary doctor to know when and which dose your pet needs. Usually after the first inoculation of vaccine, vets schedule rest inoculation shots after a month or so. For kittens, their inoculation starts when they are almost two months old. As they grow, they are given booster shots every year or after two years depending on the vaccine dose they are injected with or according to the vet’s suggestion.

You can have a detailed discussion on it with your veterinary doctor and can ask questions regarding health care or health check ups of your cat. Being an owner of the cat, you must know each and every process of vaccination which would be given to your kitty.

It is also important to maintain a medical history of your cat. If you own a stray cat then try to cover all its medical history and reports from day one by proper and complete medical check up with all the details of vaccinations. But if you have adopted your kitty from someone else then try to get all the medical details and history from its former owner. From this, you can have a thorough know-how of the previous medical care and vaccines.

If your cat is single or an indoor pet then your vet may skip some cat vaccinations based on your pet’s way of living. But, if you have many cats then do not forget to get each of them vaccinated. Some kittens might react odd on the dose of vaccines like they might suffer from fever, sneezing, loss of hunger, or in worst cases vomiting or difficulty in breathing. If you observe some serious side effects in your kitty then take it to vet again before it is too late.