Learn Why a Siamese Cat Will or Won’t Make You a Good Pet

People from all part of the world have been enchanted by Siamese cats since late in the nineteenth century. This was when Siam, or Thailand as its now known, gave some to the English ambassador to take home with him. They began showing up in English cat show right away and in the early nineteen hundreds shows in America began seeing them.

Some reasons to own a Siamese cat as a pet is that they are very loving and affectionate, often described as extroverts for showing their feelings and enjoyment of human company. However, they are often illustrated as evil and aggressive, like the two cats in “101 Dalmatians”. This is not entirely wrong, because some of them are very difficult to handle. There are cases when Siamese cats are so sensitive that they cannot adapt to human company, therefore behaving aggressively. This would be a main disadvantage to owning one of them.

However these are isolated cases, which lead to a big pro of having a pet Siamese cat in that they have a need for human companionship and are known to often have a strong bond to one single person. They are very playful and active even as adults. Moreover, they enjoy the company of other sociable cats but be warned, these affectionate beings are not to be left alone for a long time. Thus they are dependent on human affection more than other cat breeds, so if you don’t have enough time and attention to offer to pets, it is not a good idea to get a Siamese cat as a pet.

Another problem with Siamese cats is that they tend to get pretty loud with a low pitched meow also called meezer. It is similar to the cries of a human baby and they do this when they want attention. This particular sound is often found irritating by some, so be warned before you get one as a pet.

A pleasant trait is the fact that they aren’t as night active as other cats due to their blue eyes which lack in the ability to amplify the light and help common cats to see in the dark. So you don’t have to worry about your cat tearing down the draperies as you sleep, because it is most likely that the cat will sleep right next to you.

Siamese cats are truly beautiful but complex creatures and shouldn’t be mistaken for the common cats you may see in people’s homes. If you would like to own one, these are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages you will most likely encounter when dealing with a Siamese cat. Do some research on the Internet or in your area and find out if you are prepared to offer a pet Siamese cat everything it needs. If you can live with the small problems that go with a pet Siamese you will have one of the best pets you could wish for.

Don Levy, Siamese cat, Cat Fanciers Association, Inc.