If you keep dreaming about a cat, this means that the unconscious mind is showing you that you have to smarten up like a cat.

Depending on the way the cat appears in a dream, it will reflect your attitude before the various problems of your life.

If you see a sick and weak cat in your dreams, this means that you are being silly, and perhaps also a victim of other people’s wickedness.

When you see a beautiful and strong cat in a dream, like a Siamese cat, this means that you are being very intelligent and having the right attitude, even though this may not be so visible for you, or for many other people. It will appear later, and you’ll certainly triumph.

The beautiful and strong cat can also mean that you have to be very smart, while you still are not, but since the cat is so strong, this means that you are near the right solution.

In the case where you see too many cats in your dreams, this is a bad sign. This means that you are being fooled by many people, and by your own wrong conceptions of life. You have to wake up, and do many things to transform your personality, so that you may act like an intelligent person, instead of making so many foolish mistakes.

People who suffer from serious mental illnesses frequently dream about many cats, because they are too far from the objective reality, and their actions are self-destructive.

If you do things that harm yourself, this means that you are acting like an idiot. You are not doing anything to change your life and live happily, but provoking yourself more problems, besides having to face many other problems that come from the external world.

If you see a small and young cat in a dream, this means that you are too immature, and what you consider as being a “smart” attitude could be considered really smart only if you were in kindergarten. You are not being really smart, according to your age.

The young cat can mean that you are beginning to smarten up in your life only if you are really very young. Otherwise, it shows you that you are immature, or too naive.

In case you see a dead cat in a dream, this means that you will feel humiliated, despised by everyone, or in an inferior position. These situations will make you lose all your courage.

Your own dreams will help you become very strong and smarten up without delay, because the unconscious psychology will enlighten you, and help you get rid of the dangerous influence of the wild side of your conscience that imposes you absurd behavior and is the main thing responsible for all the mistakes you are making.

The unconscious mind will also help you develop your own intelligence, so that you may attain complete consciousness, and do only what will be very good for you.