Uva ursi is actually an evergreen shrub, also known as bearberry or its botanical name, Arctostaphylos uva ursi. It has been used as a urinary tract remedy for hundreds of years, not with only animals, but humans as well. This herb or botanical has anti-microbial and disinfectant properties that fight infections such as UTI in cats.

Herbal remedies specifically designed for cats and dogs use this botanical in products that target cystitis, kidney stones and other urinary tract problems, so yes to the question, “Is uva ursi safe for cats?” The herb also soothes irritation, reduces swelling and will fight infections; especially future infections because usually once your cat has a urinary tract infection, they usually have repeated bouts of it.

There are products that combine the plant with other ingredients in drop or powder form so you can simply put them in your cat or dog’s water or food supply without the fuss of making them take a pill. And, just like with prescription medications, herbal remedies such as the uva ursi herb can interact with other herbs, vitamins or medications. Before starting a regiment of any kind involving more than one herb, drug, or supplement let your veterinarian know so he can advise of any interfering combinations. Some interactions can occur if your pet is on anti-inflammatory drugs including ibuprofen.

Uva ursi herb is safe for cats and dogs when used in accordance with directions and used as it is intended. It also is more effective if used in a compounded formula with complimentary remedies that work well together.