Disney obviously had a distrust of Siamese cat behavior! The naughty and mean Siamese in Lady and the Tramp are not the most pleasant of characters.

And remember the sneaky Siamese cat warrior enemy in T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats?

Don’t let that put you off, though. These caricatures say more about the political worries and concerns of their times than to our nearly perfect clever little Siamese cats.

So what is Siamese cat behavior and how is it different from that of other cats?

Siamese are a very old breed and over time people have realized that its differences don’t stop at their unusual markings and blue eyes. Physically the Siamese is slimmer, more elongated, with a narrower face and longer legs than most house cats.

When it comes to behavior the Siamese is a full-on cat. A Siamese can be very very good and yes, quite naughty (I won’t say bad, I love these cats).

Siamese cats can be very clever and persistent and will do whatever it takes to try to rule the roost and get their own way. They will try quite hard to rule you too so take care. A spoiled Siamese is not always good company.

Unlike most cats they can be quite clumsy, although many will argue that this is done on purpose to get noticed. It certainly works. This naughty behavior is at its worst around feeding time – or at least when your Siamese things it is feeding time.

As you can see the Siamese is not a shrinking violet and may not be the perfect cat for all people. On the other hand, its naughty behavior is balanced by a very loving nature and most of them just want to cuddle up to their chosen special person. Counterbalancing the naughtiness is the Siamese’s “sense of humor” – that’s right, they can easily make you laugh with their antics, their deductive skills, their effort to anticipate you, and their extreme, unbelievable jealousy.

Once you have had one, you simply can’t imagine a home without a Siamese in residence.