Ask anyone the question “Where is Malta located?” and there’s a good chance that he or she will reply that they’ve never even heard of Malta. To be fair, it is mostly non-Europeans who usually have not heard of the Maltese islands. With the introduction of cheap flights to Malta, this has been gradually changing over the past few years.

So where is Malta located?

If you’re looking at a world map, you’ll be forgiven if you completed missed Malta. In some maps, it doesn’t even feature! If you glance through a map of Europe though, you will spot Malta right in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. “Spot” being the key word here, since Malta is literally a spot on virtually any map.

This indicates the sheer smallness of the island. The Maltese archipelago consists mostly of three islands, namely Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta the largest one, is just 316 sq km and to cross the island from side to side by car, will take you just over an hour (if you don’t take into consideration the traffic).

So what’s so fascinating about this island, twice the size of Washington D.C.?

It’s the island’s rich and long history and fantastic beaches that draw thousands of visitors each year to it. Not to mention a host of other attractions and sites. Couple that with friendly and welcoming local people and you’ve got a winner.

During their Malta vacations, a lot of visitors often realize after a while, that they want to adopt the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, decide to purchase property in Malta and relocate to the Maltese islands for good.

The Maltese islands’ close proximity to Southern and Central European countries makes these tiny but captivating islands even more attractive. For example, Sicily is just half an hour away by plane.

So next time someone asks you “Where is Malta located?” be sure to give a detailed answer or better still, show him or her your awesome photos from your holidays in Malta!